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Stephen Price is an Australian singer, songwriter, live artist, Chef and artist manager...

Stephen began his professional music career in the nineteen nineties with the trio Rain. Members of Rain included: Stephen Price: drums and Daniel Arvidson: vocals and guitar. Rain merged with Newcastle music artists: Joshua Callaway and David Carter to form the band Arvidson Price.  In 1993 Joshua Brave toured with Arvidson Price. Stephen Price left Arvidson Price to pursue a solo original career. Arvidson Price changed its name to Bliss in 1994.

Stephen Price promoted and managed the Newcastle band Yiante with Ian Sandercoe from November 1994 to October 1997. In November 1994 the album Yiante Bloodfire was recorded at Karmic Hit Studio Drummoyne over six days. The recordings were financed via loan by Newcastle businessman David Payne, produced by Ian Sandercoe and Rob Parde and engineered by Tim Powell. Stephen Price's role was diverse, covering all aspects of a growing live act.  He managed the organisation of the Cd manufacturing, artwork and design from cd's to posters and press kits. In March 1995 the Bloodfire artwork was finished by Chris Totterman.

In May 1995 Stephen contacted record companies, television stations, press and radio stations regarding viewing the bands live performances and radio / television airplay, he spent time speaking to Australian based distributors in May 1995.

In 1995 Yiante recorded at Ramrod Studios and 48 volt Studios with David Henderson. Stephen Price organised live performances for Ian Sandercoe and the band Yiante in August 1995 which included the Green Party's Hiroshima Day in Newcastle. Stephen sent Yiante tapes and cd's to record companies, distributors and publishing companies in July 1997. He shopped around for the production of the video clip for Yiante in October 1997.

The album titled Yiante Bloodfire made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Eventually two tracks, Freebound and Preacher featured in the Australian feature film Bootmen in 1999.

By 2003 Stephen Price moved to Mudgee, a farming and winegrowing town in the central ranges of NSW, Australia. Stephen played acoustically with Richard Lawson (Limespiders and the creator of the Figtree Renaissance Album). They formed the duo Endive (formally Tangent) and preformed in venues such as Eltons Restaurant/Cafe and Five Corners Winery.

Stephen Price joined with Richard Lawson at the Figtree Retreat in an organic olive farm in Rural Mudgee where Richard successfully ran a guesthouse and food business.

Richard Lawson quote: "I also have the invaluable services of my musical compatriot Stephen Price for a while and he is a dab hand at all things farmy.... fences, irrigation, and all things mechanical as well as helping with the Farmers Markets."

Endive created a strong fan base and gained interest by business owners in the area for their shows. The duo played in all venue types and events from weddings and cafes to Australia day Celebrations. Venues performed included: the Oriental Hotel every 2nd Sunday, Eltons every Last Tuesday of the Month, Augustine Winery/Restaurant, the Golf Club and the Old Cooyal hotel. The Endive duo could play over 4 hours of Music, with a diverse repertoire from Ray Charles to Blur and Bette Midler.

The Quaff Shop Jam and Pickle night was held in March 2004, Richard Lawson quote: "The highlight for me was Stephen Price playing his achingly beautiful Ballads unaccompanied!!!".

In May 2004 Tangent played at Augustine for the Wine Harvest Celebration.
Stephen Price (Chef) catered for The Annual Balmoral Wine and Food Festival. He had the MWGGAI Stand and Huntington Winery in August 2004. Stephen not only performed musically at The Wine Industry Dinner/Awards/Festival as the opening act at the AREC Big Shed, he also was involved in the food and hospitality side of the event.

Rumour Mill officially formed in the New Year of 2005 from the ashes of Tangent. Rumour Mill is a four piece band based in Mudgee. The band is fronted by Stephen Price: vocals and acoustic guitar, with Danielle Scott: bass and vocals, Thomas Bagnell: guitarist and vocalist and Mark Cunningham: Drums. Rumour Mills early set list was a mix of 60's and 80's classics, including: The Eurythmics, Paul Kelly and Stephen's originals. Mid way through 2005, Stephen Price and Danielle Scott collaborated with their song writing skills to create sets of original music that have been embraced by the community and local venues.

Rumour Mill plays on the second Friday of each month at Roths Wine Bar Mudgee throughout 2007.

Listen to Rumour Mills live tracks (recorded at Roth's Wine Bar) on the triple j unearthed site.

Get more information about Stephen Price at the Rumour Mill website:
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